I'm Matteo(Berta). After years spent overseas, I gathered notes and useful links and built this simple website, hopefully it will be useful to the readers. You will read about New Zealand, how to get there and bureaucratic information, the best places to make a money exchange during your holidays, one page is about P2P(peer to peer) overseas transfers explaining the reasons they are better than bank to bank transfers, one page about Transferwise and my experiences transferring money with them.

P.S. All the photos you come across in the website were taken during my travels.
Contacts: teoberta@gmail.com or Matteo Berta Journey on FB



Who is this BERTA?  
He is the one in the picture, enjoing the sunrise at Tekapo Lake(NZ South Island), an unplanned early bird waking up turned in that stunning view.
I left my home town Verona in 2011, I spent almost 2 years in Australia(WHV), almost a year working in London, I've done some travels in South East Asia and eventually I arrived to New Zealand. Nowadays I have a new job, I speak a good Italian English, I take life as it is, in the easiest way. Yes I do feel happier than before my departure.
I started the website in 2014 and I update it during free time, it's an hobby.
In 2016 I have been granted NZ residency and nowadays I live in Auckland.
by Berta NOV-2014

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go to P2P Overses Transfer page to check how to save money in your transfers
go to Transferwise page to read about my experience with them
go to Currency Exchange page to check where to go for a best rate echange

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